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Basic Fibroblast Bio-separation

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Basic Fibroblast Bio-separation

Good Quality Basic Fibroblast Bio-separation Sales

Large Image :  Basic Fibroblast Bio-separation

Hangzhou NeuroPeptide Biological Science and Technology Incorporation, Ltd

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Business type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Telephone : 86-571-82872376

Room 11-08, HuaRui Building, No.66, Jianshe Road 1st, Xiaoshan,Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China 311202

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Hangzhou
Brand Name: NUPTEC
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Model Number: NRPA04L

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 50ml
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Bottle packing
Delivery Time: Depand on stock, without stock need 4 weeks for produce.
Payment Terms: 100% T/T, Paypal
Supply Ability: 10L/month
Detailed Product Description


Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor ( bFGF ) Conjugated to Sepharose Resin , Bio-separation

  • Product Name:   Recombinant Human Fibroblast Growth Factor-basic (rh-bFGF) Conjugated to agarose Resin
  • Catalog Number:  NRPB04L
  • Packing details:  3 ml, 5 ml, 25 ml, 3 ml prepacked column, 5 ml prepacked column
  • Storage condition:   4oC
  • Company Group:                                                                                                                      Hangzhou NeuroPeptide Biological Science and Technology Incorporation, Ltd. (NUPTEC----Sales Department)

    Add:   Room 11-08, HuaRui Building, No.66, Jianshe Road 1st, Xiaoshan,

              Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China 311202

    Hangzhou NUPTEC Rising Bioproducts Incorporation, Ltd. ( NUPTEC----GMP Manufactory)

    Add:   600 21st Boulevard, Xiasha Economy and Technology District,

              Hangzhou, China 310018



Fibroblast Growth Factor-basic (bFGF), also known as FGF-2, is a heparin-binding member of the FGF superfamily of molecules. It plays important role in cell proliferation and differentiation associated with embryogenesis, tissue regeneration, wound healing, CNS development, angiogenesis, and tumor progression.

Traditional Chinese medicine has clinically been proved for its efficacy in cancer treatment, however, its active ingredient is unknown. rh-bFGF was immobilized onto solid supports such as agarose beads for screening compounds interacting with bFGF from traditional Chinese medicine, providing an efficient and rapid technique to identify antineoplastic components from Chinese herb.


Column characteristics:


Support 6% highly cross-linked spherical agarose
Ligand Recombinant Human Fibroblast Growth Factor-basic
Ligand Density 0.25~1.0 mg/ml
Particle Size 45~165 レm
Maximum Flow Rate 300 cm/h
Recommended Linear Flow Rate 50~150 cm/h
pH Limits pH 2.5~9
Maximum Operating pressure 0.3 MPa
Storage 4 oC to 8 oC in 20% ethanol



Capturing Molecules in interaction with bFGF

1)        Equilibrate the prepacked 1 ml column with 5~10 column volumes of 20 mM PBS, pH7.4.

2)        Filtrate 10 ml target sample of Tetrastlgma hemsleyanum through a 0.45 レm filter and load the sample.

3)        Wash with 5 column volumes of 20 mM PBS, pH7.4.

4)        Wash with 4 column volumes of 100 mM sodium glycine, pH 2.7.

5)        Discard first 1/3 column volume of elution buffer II and immediately collect 1 column volume of eluant and neutralize collect fractions with neutralization buffer.

6)        HSA affinity column was used as a control.

7)        Analyze the elute fraction by HPLC to ensure that target molecule is captured (Figure 1).




                                  Basic Fibroblast Bio-separation


1)       It is easy and simple to use the prepacked column. It is not necessary to need any equipment to capture target molecules.

2)       Be sure that the target molecule is stable under the elution conditions selected. If there is any doubt, titrate the elute fraction to neutrality immediately in order not to lose biological activity. For this purpose, prefill the fraction tubes to 5~10% of one column volume with a buffer concentrate at about pH9.0 (for example 1 M Tris-HCl or 1 M sodium phosphate).

3)       Make sure temperature of the equilibration buffer identical to that of the packed column to avoid air bubbles. If air bubbles are found in the column, the column should be refilled.

4)       It is recommended to regenerate the resin by 4 column volumes of 0.1 M glycine-HCl (pH 2.7) once after 5 times separation cycle in order to extend the column life.

5)       After 10 times separation cycle, wash the resin with 5 column volumes of 20% ethanol and 5~10 column volumes of 70% ethanol sequentially to remove hydrophobic substances.

6)        For longer periods of storage, keep at 4~8℃ in 20% ethanol.






  • Time:December 13-15, 2012           1st Shenzhen International Biotech Innovation Forum & Exhibition
  • Time: March 13-15, 2013                 PCHI2013 Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients

  • Time: March 18-20, 2013                 BIT’s 5th Annual International Congress of Antibodies-2013

  • Time: March 22-24, 2013                 The 18th Shanghai International Beauty, Hairdressing & Cosmetics Expo

  • Time: March 30- April 1st , 2013        The 25th Zhengzhou International Beauty & Cosmetics Expo-2013

  • Time: April 14-16, 2013                    China (Wu Han) International Beauty and Cosmetic Products Exhibition

  • Time: April 18-21, 2013                    The 29th (Spring) Chengdu beauty & cosmetics Exhibition-2013

  • Time: Februry 19-21, 2014                PCHI2014 Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients

  • Time: April 25-28, 2014                     BIT’s 6th Annual International Congress of Antibodies-2014

Basic Fibroblast Bio-separation

Basic Fibroblast Bio-separation





GMP Manufactory :

We have 2,000 square meters of manufacturing base including 600 square meters GMP facility with class 100,000 US FED-STD-209E clean room standards Company and with certification of ISO9001:2008.


Basic Fibroblast Bio-separation

Basic Fibroblast Bio-separation





GMP Manufactory ISO9001:2008 Certification: 



Basic Fibroblast Bio-separation


Basic Fibroblast Bio-separation




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