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powder and liquid type Mixed seasoning / Soy sauce powder HB Language mix amino acid

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powder and liquid type Mixed seasoning / Soy sauce powder HB Language mix amino acid

Good Quality powder and liquid type Mixed seasoning / Soy sauce powder HB Language mix amino acid Sales

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Shanghai Xintais Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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Business type: Manufacturer, Seller

14th Floor, Room 107, Block B, Jinsui Building, the Intersection of Shenhuo Road and Nanjing Road, China mainland

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shanghai
Brand Name: xintais
Certification: CE、ROHS、 FCC
Detailed Product Description

powder and liquid type Mixed seasoning / Soy sauce powder HB Language mix amino acid 
Detailed Product Description

We produce various mixed seasonings, seasoning ingredients/base/extract and sauces with paste, powder and liquid type.


Product specification



Name: Soy Sauce Powder HB

Ingredients: Amino acid liquid, starch syrup, Monosodium L-Glutamate, etc

Feature: Light brown color powder with soy sauce taste and flavour

Shelf life: 18 months from the manufactured date


Payment: L/C or T/T

Packaging: 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg bag/carton

Delivery: Within 15days from the order confirmation or L/C open date


We also manufacture imitation seasoning, and can meet any requirement.


For the other seasoning products of ours, please refer to the information below.



* Our mixed seasoning products belong to each corresponding food base categories such as Primary, Meat, Seafood, Vegetable, and Dairy base.



Primary Base

This base is a basic structure forming the taste and flavoring ingredients of Taekyung Food's Food Base. With the more improved and harmonized taste than ordinary chemical seasoning, it is mainly comprised of brewed soy sauce powder, various hydrolyzed vegetable and animal protein, autolysed yeast, etc.


HVP(Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein)

Main material is various vegetable proteins. After hydrolyzed with acid, it is neutralized with alkali to be manufactured for convenient food processing with liquid, paste and powder type. For various flavor purpose, HAP, beef, etc can be added.

HAP(Hydrolyzed Animal Protein)

HAP has Gelatin as main material which is gained by partial hydrolysis of Collagen, an animal protein. Like HVP, HAP goes through the process of acid-hydrolysis, alkali-neutralization, filtering, and therefore final product has sweet taste.

Yeast Extracts

This extract from autolysis, zymolysis or fermentation with yeast provides basic taste and flavor to lots of foods. Recently, this material is variously used for MSG free product, and so on.



1) FSP(Fermented soy sauce powder)

a. F.S.P-1 -Typical pure type of fermented soy sauce powder

b. Fermented soy sauce powder -Gentrified pure type of Fermented soy sauce powder

c. Fermented soy sauce powder class 1 -Low price type of Fermented soy sauce powder

d. Fermented soy sauce paste – Fermented soy sauce paste used M.R.

e. Vim 823 – Seasoned fermented soysauce powder after removing brewing smell

* Application- Instant noodle soup, meat processing, baking dough, Biscuit, Snack, Flavored seasoning


2) HVP

a. Vim 78 – HVP paste of typical dark brown

b. Seasoning liquid paste – Mixture type paste of HAP and HVP

c. Soy sauce powder NM – MSG free product of low price soy sauce powder

d. Vim 821 – HVP powder(S.D.) free of bad smell and taste

e. Soy sauce powder HB – Typical low price soy sauce powder(S.D.)

f. Vim 100B – Pure MSG free HVP using gluten

g. TKF-1016 - Burnt type of high grade powder harmonized HVP and yeast

h. Yeast based powder – High grade powder made by removing MSG from TKF-1016

i. Fermented soy sauce powder – Soy sauce powder having the taste and flavor of fermented soy sauce

* Application – Instant noodle soup, meat processing, baking dough, biscuit, snack, flavored seasoning, marine product processing

* Packaging unit – 20kg, 30kg

3) HAP

a. HAP-3 powder – Powder harmonized with HAP and various amino acids

* Application – same with HVP products.


4) Yeast Extract

a. Beefy-Y - Yeast extract having similar taste with beef

b. Yeast extract S powder – Pure burnt type of yeast powder

c. Yeast powder TK – Yeast powder with savory taste

* Application – same with HVP products.

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