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Food Grade D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate Trehalose Powder High Water Retention , Antioxidant

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Food Grade D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate Trehalose Powder High Water Retention , Antioxidant

Good Quality Food Grade D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate Trehalose Powder High Water Retention , Antioxidant Sales

Large Image :  Food Grade D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate Trehalose Powder High Water Retention , Antioxidant

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: Qingdao China
Brand Name: Allforlong
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001
Model Number: Food grade

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1ton
Price: negotiate
Packaging Details: 10.0kg, 20kg/bag or packed with drum or as per demands
Delivery Time: 20days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 2000tons
Detailed Product Description
Molecular Formula: C12H22O11•2H2O English Name:: D-(+)-Trehalose Dehydrate
CAS NO.: 6138-23-4 Appearance: White Powder Crystal

Food Grade D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate Trehalose Powder High Water Retention , Antioxidant

Food Grade D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate Trehalose Powder High Water Retention , Antioxidant

1. Quick Detail :

Trehalose is a naturally occurred disaccharide and was first discovered in a bacterium grown on rye by Wigglers in 1932. The research followed indicated that trehalose exists widely in natural, mostly in plants and microbes. It is a non-reducing sugar consisting of tow glucose molecules linked by ,α-1,1-glycosidic bond and is one of the most stable sugar in the world. 
  During the research of dehydration of plant cells, scientists found that trehalose can effectively prevent cell membrane, protein and other molecules from damage upon drying, and keep the natural biological character after rehydration of the dried plants. Some insects that can keep alive even under the conditions of hyperthermia, deep-coldness, dehydrating, etc, is largely attributed to the existence of trehalose as the main compoments. It has been proved from the abundant experimental results that trehalose can form a special protective layer around the protein and other biomolecules, efficiently protecting biologicals under harsh conditions such as hyperthermia, deep-coldness, hypertonia, dehydrating, and keep intact their biological characteristics..


2. Description :


◆ Molecular formula:C12H22O11·2H2O

◆ English Name: D-(+)-Trehalose dehydrate

◆ CAS NO. : 6138-23-4

◆ MDL NO.: MFCD00071594

◆ Molecular weight :378.3                                 

◆ Description: white powder crystal, solubility in water: 68.9g/100g (20℃), soluble in hot ethanol, insoluble in ether

◆ Physical parameters: melting point: 97-99 degree C (lit.)

◆ Refractive index: 181 degrees (C=7, H2O)


3. Applications :

Medical Industry
1. Trehalose has been successfully applied to blood products such as vaccine, lymphocyte and other cytokines to stabilize their activities. Trehalose can not only be conserved at an ambient temperature, but also prevent some vital disease such as hepatitis B and AIDS caused by contaminated blood resource from transforming. 
2. Quadrant Research Fund Association, England, found that vaccines and other temperature-vulnerable biologicals which usually require cold storage at 4 ℃ is stable at 45℃ after mixture with trehalose. Thus, the cost of storage and transportation will be greatly decreased while maintaining high potential of vaccine undergoing a far distance transportation.
3. In California, America, John Calau and his collegues has successfully applied trehalose to preserve blood platelet by dehydrating cells and hyophilization, and the platelet can be preserved for a long time at an ambient temperature and showed survival percentage of 85%.
4. Trehalose can be used to keep biological agents such as enzyme, cell membrane, organelle, antibody and virus, and make life-science research more convenient, rapid and effective. Research on the protective function of trehalose on restriction enzyme, DNA ligase and DNA polymerase has been carried out, and results showed that all enzyme samples with addition of trehalose, kept 35 days at 70℃ or 9 months at 37℃, maintained nearly 100% of their original activities. The Chinese scientists tested three diagnostic enzymes which were prepared with trehalose as disccant to assay human serum cholesterol, and found that trehalose could keep 90% of their activity after long-term storage at an ambient temperature.
5. Using trehalose as lyophilization protectant can efficiently retain activity of vaccine for domestic animals and poultry and virus-vaccine for man, for example, attenuated hepatitis A virus vaccine, epidemic encephalitis B vaccine. And the inoculated efficiency of vaccine can be kept without low temperature storage and freezing transportation.
Food Industry
1. Protein materials
  Using trehalose in protein food, first to mix with the two materials in a certain proportation, then dry by heat. After that, the cellular or 3-dimensioned molecular structure of protein was completely recovered for the addition of trehalose, and primitive properties were restored after rehydration.
2. Non-protein materials
  For non-protein materials, such as fruits, thick syrup of vegetables, coffee, syrup of tomato and so on, the addition of trehalose were different with the above method, but with the proportion of trehalose to dry substance of non-fat range from 1: 10 to 1: 100 to carry out the test. For example, if the solid dry substance content in the thick syrup of tomato was 28%, the addition of trehalose was 10%, that is, about 100g trehalose was added into 1kg solid dry substance of thick syrup of tomato and the mixture was transfered respectively onto the glass or stainless for drying at the temperature of 50℃~80℃to obtain the tomato flour. Since that trehalose can perfectly protect the cell structure of tomato during the process of drying, the full flavor of tomato flour was easily appreciated after re-hydration.
Cosmetics Industry
1. Based on the property of retaining cell and bio-molecule activities, trehalose can be advantageously used as a desiccant for cosmetics. The cosmetic products with addition of trehalose have a relatively high stability and can protect skin and make the derma nutrient even under the conditions of deep-coldness, drying and strong ultraviolet. 
2. Super UV Protective and Moisturizing Gene-Trehalose
Trehalose is a kind of natural sugar existing in many desert plants, which can form a layer of glasslike matrixes in case the plant gets dry, so as to protect the internal structure of plants before the rain comes. And the plant will revive miraculously when the rain comes.
3. Lots of studies and practices show that trehalose can effectively protect the outer skin cell membrane, activate cell and make skin conditioning so as to maintain the skin healthy, natural and bouncy. Under high temperature, deep-coldness, dry and strong ultraviolet radiation conditions, the skin cell may easily lose moisture and caused cutinization and damage to skin. Under such conditions, trehalose will form a special protective membrane in the cell surface to maintain the existing nutrition and moisture of skin and prevent the skin from ultraviolet radiation or melamin settlement, thus effectively resist skin ageing phenomenon. The mucus bled from the membrane can tenderly nourish skin and keep it bright, shiny and tender.

5.  Specifications :





2H2O (dihydrate)


White crystal with a sweet taste, virtually odorless


Not less than 98%

Loss on drying

Less than 2.0% (60℃, 5h)

Total ash

Less than 0.06%


Less than 1mg/kilo


Less than 1mg/kilo


Less than 30 MPN/100g


5.0 - 6.7

Total aerobic counts

Less than 400 CFU per gram




 2kg, 5kg, 1okg,  20kg


6. Competitive Advantage :

Allforlong strictly carries out ISO9001: 2000 and HACCP and passed the examination and verifying of the identification organization in 2008. The Producing Department is responsible to prevent and control the quality of product. We has established strictly Product Tracking System and practised the quality standardized control from the material to finished product. We also set up the Quality Test Department which is responsible for detecting the samples of every process, so that promptly find out the possible quality problem and then take precautions.

Food Grade D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate Trehalose Powder High Water Retention , Antioxidant  Food Grade D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate Trehalose Powder High Water Retention , AntioxidantFood Grade D-(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate Trehalose Powder High Water Retention , Antioxidant



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